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Notes from 144th Meeting of CTU on 24th September 2020 at St Andrews Church

Mike Beranek MB Friends House
Rev Andrew Studdert-Kennedy AS St Andrews
Louise George LG Christ Church
John Penty JP Our Lady of Lourdes and St Michael

June Hughman JH St Margaret’s
Rev Nicholas Schofield NS Our Lady of Lourdes and St Michael
Angela Atkins NS Our Lady of Lourdes and St Michael
Frances Pike FP St Andrews
Joy Barrow JB Christ Church

1 We spent a moment in silent prayer
2 Mike welcomed us to the 144th meeting of Churches Together Uxbridge, in a meeting room at St Andrews kindly provided by Andrew, well physically distanced. Apologies were noted. A Zoom connection was opened for CTU members who could not be present in person, though no-one joined remotely.
3 Joy had planned to step down as Chair at the AGM to be held in June, postponed due Covid-19, but she has now made this public. As this was an ordinary meeting, Mike took the role of Chair. John and Mike shared the note-taking as Frances was not able to be present. (She has since announced her intention to resign as secretary.)
4 The minutes of the 142nd meeting on 30th November 2019, approved at the 143rd meeting in January 2020, were circulated, as minutes for the January meeting were not available. We acknowledged that activities which happened or were planned last year would either be impossible under Covid restrictions, or significantly altered. CTU Participation in Remembrance Sunday, the Pavilions Carol Concert, and printing and distribution of Christmas Cards announcing church services over Christmas, and the World Day of Prayer all took place last year. The Good Friday Walk of Witness was planned, then cancelled: a lively Twitter conversation took place instead.
5 John presented the financial picture. This showed that last year we had agreed to request subscriptions amounting to some £1680 from the CTU member churches, to cover activities planned in that year (May2019-April 2020). However, no subscriptions were requested, and as a result the bank balance has run down from £1617.35 in May 2019 to £453.09 in April 2020.
Because the AGM has not yet taken place, the year-end accounts for May19-Apr20 will need to be prepared and audited.
On advice received, we agreed that the missing subscriptions from last year should not be omitted from the accounts, but shown as an Asset, ie a balance sheet item, for consideration at the AGM.
We have secured an Independent Financial Assessor, Richard Hearne, to replace Richard Askey who had indicated that he wished to step down.
We recognised the likelihood of tight finances in our member churches due to lockdown, and were of the opinion that last year’s subscriptions should probably be written off, but that is a decision for the AGM.
Requesting this year’s subscriptions also looks unlikely, as we cannot plan activities and anticipate minimal expenditure. However we have already paid the hosting fee for our web site. A request will soon come for the CTU insurance premium, but we have agreed to defer insurance for this year on the grounds of no activity, and follow up Andrew’s suggestion that we investigate how to eliminate the need for public liability insurance in future, eg by indemnifying CTU activities under a specific member church’s policy. John and Andrew will pursue this.
6 We agreed to review the website content, and put together a narrative from our member churches about how Christians have helped soften the hardship and distress around Uxbridge. The emphasis should be on our mission in the wider community, rather than a communication between churches of their respective covid-19 responses, which can happen separately. Mike and Louise will work on this idea of a Churches narrative of individual experiences, and on online networks.
7 Is CTU inclusive? Does the CTU need officers, are votes required, and can we proceed by consensus? Might our organisation put off some churches not currently members of CTU? The concern about our degree of our inclusivity in the local Christian landscape was revisited, and we discussed opportunities for ongoing transformation.

8 We agreed to hold the AGM on Tuesday 17th November 2020.







Community Activism

Find out about the struggle of the citizens of Yiewsley against thoughtless over-development and loss of amenities like a swimming pool ,now filled in, and now a bowling green and hut at risk. The less affluent southern half of the borough of Hillingdon locals claim has frequently been the target of misinformation and shadowy land deals, further impoverishing the area’s residents. The action group has produced a short video on the plight of a section of park earmarked for new flats:

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