Member Focus

Walter Hayman

6 Jan 1926 – 1st Jan 2020


Meet our member Walter Hayman – former university mathematician with his own memoirs in print – My life and Functions – he is generous and caring towards members and attenders, and can usually be expected to turn up on a Sunday morning, and participate in our business meetings and shared lunches. He was generous enough to agree to be photographed for the website.


Walter died suddenly approaching his 94th birthday after a brief admission to Hillingdon Hospital on New Years Day 2020. His funeral & burial took place at Jordans Meeting House Jan 20th.



World War I armistice 100yrs on – Local artist’s perspective on historic poet David Jones’ legacy – ART EXHIBITION – Meeting House 8-10th November 2018 2-4.30pm — Talk by artist Jonathan Hutchins

 Happy 90th Helen Luddington!


The occasion of longstanding member Helen Luddington’s 90th birthday drew a throng for a shared lunch in her honour. Discussion turned to the many changes to Uxbridge, and the evolution of the meeting house and surrounding landscape that Helen has witnessed over the decades, and of the firmly rooted local heritage that the meeting represents. Celebrated scientist, Kathleen Lonsdale, 1903-1971, formerly of this meeting, was remembered for instance with fondness.


Photo Gallery of our open meeting 28.4.18 discussing militarism with Rhianna Louise from Forces Watch, Symon Hill from Peace Pledge Union, and Ellis Brooks from Quaker Peace & Social Witness. A small group shared extensively their understandings and we were encourage to take the matter further and seek out the seeds of war that exist all around and in ourselves. A big thank you to our guests for coming and for all participants for making a stimulating afternoon.


Uxbridge Quakers enjoy getting together and giving some extra attention to our meeting house and garden.

Pictures from an autumn Working Bee which was followed by a great shared lunch



Early December 2017 we had a shared lunch with a Yuletide theme with poetry reading and some unaccompanied carol signing. Lots of food to go around. Great fun.


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